The Icons

Unique & Repetition-free

Stash Icons cover a variety of themes and categories including people, animals, development, design, electronics, business, entertainment, nature, and more!

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The Craftsmanship

Quality from Start to Finish

From having one designer create the entire series to the most versatile and progressive file formats, Stash Icons are setting a new standard.

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Illustrated by a Single Designer

Where most icon sets look like they are pieced together, Stash Icons are illustrated by a single designer, making them extremely consistent from icon-to-icon.

Fully Editable & 100% Vector

Need to change a color, a size, or remove an item from an icon? No problem. Stash Icons are fully editable, fully scalable, and 100% vector so you can quickly and easily modify them.


Who needs zillions of formats and sizes that will never be used? No one. That's why Stash Icons come in the most common formats plus progressive formats like SVG so your project looks good no matter the platform or device.

The Hook Up

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The Purchase

$59 Introductory Price $39

When you purchase Stash Icons you’re free to use them on any number of websites, apps and more. There are no volume-of-usage restrictions.